I bet many times you wish it would slow down a little, but it just seems to keep going by faster and faster the older we get.  Where months seem like weeks and weeks seem like days.  Even when you retire it seems speed up even faster.   We keep finding things to do and keep adding to the list.  Maybe the mind is in its own time warp outside of the norm.  Well, time doesn’t speed up or does it?  

Actually if you look at the Time and Space Continuum Theory, which became a big deal for Einstein, time can speed up or slow down depending on where something is in relation to a gravitational force.     

So, is it possible that as we age our minds grow increasingly more sensitive to  earths gravitational force as well as the moons?  Since the moon causes the rise and fall of ocean tides could it be that since the human body is mostly water it will affect our time and space continuum?  Allowing our sense of time to speed up?  

We know for a fact that the moon affects the human brain.  When there is a full moon things get a little crazy.  Just ask the police and those in the medical profession.  So, if the mind is affected in that way, is it possible for both sources of gravity to alter our sense of time by speeding it up?  

Why did I write about this today?  Mainly, because my neighbor keeps reminding me of it and the fact I’m getting old.  I keep telling him I do not need to be reminded.  I not only know it I feel it.  

Of course, the bottom line is this.  Christians should talk about science and not ignore it because God created science (everything).  You look at science and you see God.  I do anyway.  He put everything together in such a fine tuned creation that we’re still trying to figure it out.  We will never completely understand it no matter how hard we try.   However, I truly believe that in the end we will all find out for sure.  Who was right and who was wrong, how this or that works, etc.  I certainly do have a lot of questions.  Thanks to Jesus, our Lord and Savior, He does allow me to see a few things that aren’t to complicated.  He just lets me know about things when the time is right.  

As a born again, Spirit filled believer I love science.  It helps me to try and understand God’s creation.  Learning how everything is in sync and how everything is connected.  Yes, everything is connected.  I found that out because of asking Jesus in prayer a few years ago.  I had this urge in my spirit to just pray for Jesus to show me things that He wanted me to know about.  Praying that it comes directly from Him and rebuking the devil and all his demons in His name so as not to be deceived.  All I can say was Wow!  I didn’t think I was ready for some of these things He showed me, but Jesus thought I was.  Talk about exciting.  Ok, I must admit a little scary at times, but exciting.  

This has nothing to do with the gift of prophecy.  Its just about things I never knew about that already exist.  Makes for an interesting time.

In the mean time take care of yourself, pray and always ask WWJD (What would Jesus do)?

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