Do We Really Know?

When going to the library I sometimes notice one of the religious organizations sitting outside with their tracks and sign.  The sign says, “Do you really know what the Bible says?”   I kind of chuckle about it.  Here’s why.  Nobody really knows for one simple reason.  We do not have the original Bible.   People and groups say they know, but in actuality they just think they know.   All we have are copies upon copies upon copies.  

The Bible in Jesus day was verbal.  Later someone had the bright idea that we should start writing some of these things down.  I really need to stop and wonder about something at this point.  When the scripture was passed on orally from person to person, I wonder if somewhere along the line someone may have misunderstood a word.  I have played the telephone game and the phrase spoken by the first person never comes out the same when the last person says it.  

Secondly, it is a known fact the church has been messing around with the Scriptures for centuries.  Constantine did it and King James did it.  It is still going on today.  Look at how many different translations we have and how many of the same are being revised.    

It is also known that the scribes did make mistakes.  Some were corrected and some were not.  In addition, some of the scribes changed the Scripture to fit their own personal beliefs or to be in line with the doctrine of their religious group.  Likewise, some of those were changed back and some were not.  Of course, there is the translation issue as well.      

While I was doing research on this I began to realize something.  It is much easier to change something regarding social issues than it is anything else.  

Bottom line is I rely on my faith and live by the 2 greatest commandments Jesus talked about to live by.  Love the Lord you God with all your heart, mind and soul.  The other, love your neighbor as yourself.  Of course, what if you don’t love yourself very much?  That is an entirely different topic to discussed by a professional doctor.   I feel by following those 2 commandments I think of myself as a spiritual believer and not a religious one.  

Ok, that is it for now.   God bless you all. 

Deacon John

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