Did It Happen To You? 

Every Sunday we get a little message about giving before the offering is taken.  Do you get tired of hearing it?  Ever feel like a guilt trip is being laid upon you?  Please don’t think that way.  When I got to thinking about I believe that little message before the offering is for the benefit of visitors and new members in your church.  If you’re a regular keep that in mind and don’t let it bother you.  

There are 3 ways to give according to scripture.  They are Tithing your 10%, Offerings and Alms.   Alms is giving to the poor.  However, some of us don’t make enough or you may not have a source of income at the time.   That’s OK.  Give what you can because God completely understands so don’t feel guilty about it.  

When I do give I notice that later some blessing from God happens.  Now a blessing doesn’t necessarily mean a monetary one.  It can come in the way of someone giving you food, clothing or God blessing you in other ways.  It might be with a physical or emotional healing that will give you peace of mind to make it through the day.  It could also mean God giving you His divine peace  to help you fall asleep night.  On the other hand it could also mean God giving you a revelation or a vision or an answer to a question you asked Him about.  

So, did it happen to you?

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