About RMI

18 years in the broadcast industry.  Experience in just about everything in the industry (on air DJ, producing, editing, creating radio commercials, news, some sales, and creating introduction openings for a club DJ.  

Worked with small churches to start their own media ministries.  Assisted a small church to launch their media ministry which included launching the churches website, TV program on cable (taping, producing and editing the show) and a radio program on a local radio station, taping services and creating audio cassette tapes, CD's, etc. all in a 7 year time span.  Later assisted another small church in starting their media ministry.    

RMI is a 501 C-3 corporation.  The vision of RMI is to help churches start their own media ministries, which ranges anywhere from audio, DVD, internet radio, public access cable TV, and possibly more.  Now, in addition to all this, the Lord is taking this ministry in a new direction and that is education.  

RMI wants to help any organization with media and more.    

You may be asking why all the space pictures?  Simple.  Space is fascinating because God did it all.  Looking into the night sky a person cannot help but wonder how far does it go?  Wondering and wondering with so many questions.  He is such an awesome, loving, forgiving God who created all things.  Sending His son Jesus Christ for our salvation showing His grace for all of us.